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Illustrator & Social Media Coach



Social Media for Creatives Series


The next class in the series will be looking at Press and PR Strategies for Creatives. We'll explore how an active and engaging presence on social media can help you to connect with key influencers in your industry. We'll also take a look at how to seek out opportunities for press and public relations, and make the most of them to further establish your business.


You can check out the class outline here.



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NOW LIVE! Find the Creating Flatlays class here:

The first in a series of classes looking at how to make the most of social media for your creative business.

So you’ve launched your creative biz & staked your claim to a custom named Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest... oh the list goes on! 

But what’s next? Now your social media profiles are all set up you ask yourself:

How do I build an audience? What should I be posting? When should I be posting?

In this class I will briefly talk about the answers to all these and together we will create one of my favourite pieces of social media content, a flatlay photograph. 

There’s no need to worry about buying new equipment or props. I’ll show you how I create images like the one here using my iPhone & items I use every day as an illustrator (Northern Bird Designs), seamstress & alternative embroiderer (Scavenger Annie).

We’ll look at how to arrange photos for the different platforms, edit them to make them pop & post them at peak times for engagement. 

It’s time to bring your creativity to your social media & show your audience that makers are gonna make! 

Here's my class outline. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

I'm so excited for this class, can't wait to start filming!

Update: Here's my intro video! Please check it out & let me know what you think!



Creating Flatlays is now live: Join the class here! 


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