Social Media Strategy: Vastrm

Social Media Strategy: Vastrm - student project

Update: January 4, 2013

You can check out my final social media strategy presentation on slideshare:

Some notes on this assignment

I found that reaching the original goal with the stated budget to be very challenging. The only way I was able to come close to it was by allocating most of the 20K toward ads. I really wanted to explore the community management and influencer outreach sections of the course so something had to give.

This presentation takes place after a fictional chat I had with the client. I told him that reaching 100K visits is not likely, even with 20K to spend, seeing as nearly all the competitors are getting max 5k visitors a month. The client agreed and lowered his goal to 10K visitors. Thanks buddy!

Other oddball bits with the budget include:

  • My microsite costing only 4K (wtf??)
  • Community Management only lasts 14 days (the duration of the campaign)

Feedback from classmates gets the thumbs up!

- Brandon


My first assignment on slideshare:

Brandon Oliver

Manager, Strategy at Social Media Group