Social Media Strategies For Entertainment Professionals

If you are an artist or entertainer, you need to set yourself apart. Having Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts is a start, but knowing how to optimize those tools to market yourself can make the difference between succeeding and failing in a highly competitive business.  What will set you apart from the millions of other artists online is a targeted marketing strategy. How can you attact new fans and build relationships with people you admire and respect in the entertainment industry?

This is a crash course for people who don't understand why they are not getting 'the expected results' using social media. You will learn how to: 

  • Build working relationships using Linkedin
  • Understanding the pros and cons of using Twitter
  • Learn the "Do's and Don'ts" when marketing on Facebook

Using real world examples, I explain how to attract the attention of talent managers, selected media, journalist, authors, and other people who are using social media forums to communicate with the entertainment community.

After reviewing your existing marketing and communication plan (or help you create one), you will create an action plan and learn how to measure your growth in social networking.

Wayne Manigo is a contributing columnist for Stage Time Magazine, writing the column 'Addicted To Comedy'.  He also co-founded the Washington DC Comedy Writers, and the comedy conference dedicated to new comedians 'Starting Stand-Up'.  When he's not performing stand up on the road, he is hosting his monthly comedy show in Maryland "BellyLaughs In Bethesda".


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