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Social Media Marketing Plan for HiLevel Advisory, LLC

Here is me before the class!

I am an avid listener of Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas and I am amazed to see the success he has with his podcast and business overall.  We have started this HiLevel Advisory business over a year ago and going through the typical ups and downs of a startup organization.  I feel like the "bright bobble syndrome" has got me like a bad virus as I go from one idea to another and one iteration to another looking for the best way to come up with the product and sell it.  

I am constantly hearing of this explosive way to gain brand recognition and awareness by using social media which makes me excited. 

Fortunately I am also an optimist and think pretty highly of myself so i feel like with the right coaching this project could be a huge success.  i am also a believer that there are people who have done it in the past and if I just follow what they do, i can have what they have.  

So here we are beginning this project to gain brand recognition and awareness through social media channels so that our phones start ringing with people on the other end who we can help.   

  Lets light it up!!

Alright, I just went through all of the segments of the class and want to start my work now.


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