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Dinah Ramirez

Product Trainer-digital tools | Easelly



Social Media Image Design Using Easelly

Creating a visual content campaign or creating infographics to promote your products and services can be time-consuming and overwhelming for small businesses, especially if you don’t have graphic design experience!  Luckily, bite-sized infographics and images used through social media can be just as compelling as long scrolling infographics! Everybody is busy, so people are more likely to consume and engage with bite-sized visual content on social media that they can quickly process, digest, and share with their networks.  

I designed this course for small business owners, social media marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers, or even educators who may not have the time to learn graphic design or the budget to invest in expensive graphic design software, but are looking to stand out on social media with custom images and visuals that are quick and easy to create!  I’ll introduce you to some ideas of visuals that you can create and I’ll review some branding basics. I'll also get you started with using Easelly for your social media images and provide image sizing considerations for a variety of social media platforms.



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