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Social Media Engagement

Getting Started

I am putting together a report at the moment, part of which entails reporting on our social media egnagement. We are a small group, but that means that every click and like and share and follow represents a significant jump from zero. 

I chose to work with this data to follow through this course. I figure it will be helpful just for me to engage in our data by creating an infographic. Plus it's a pretty small set! So it should do well for learning. 


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So I'm finding that the social media data is not super compelling and I want to spend my time on this project working on something I can share and is useful. I was recently asked to do a presentation on how to utlize Social Media (writ large) in grassroots organizing. So I was sketching away making a concept map for that presentation and after a few versions, I landed on an idea to create an infographic that maps out the best platforms and tools. It goes with my presentation, but also can stand alone as a quick look at some current tools. 

[insert planning map]

I'm going to follow the guidance of this course and create a different kind of infographic. We'll see how that goes!

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