Social Media Copywriting.

Social Media Copywriting. - student project


For this class project, I am writing social media post for a photography business, doing photography sessions with customers.

My initial call to action is to get customers to sign up with their e-mail.



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Meet Noah, a fashion blogger/influencer. He had 5K followers on Instagram same time last year. Now his account has reached 25K followers.

Noah always knew he had a good eye for fashion. He wanted to grow his reach. He was feeling the pressure to take clear and eye-catchy photographs for his blog.

''I have a specific artistic vision when it comes to capturing my fashion images but it was just too difficult and time-consuming" - Noah said.

Noah did photography workshops with us last year. And with practice, he is able to translate his vision into stunning photos, effortlessly. He feels confident taking photos now. He gets to focus more on creating unique fashion blogposts. 

You can learn about photography and developing your own unique style. Download our free e-book today.

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