Social Anxiety and Panic Moments

Social Anxiety and Panic Moments - image 1 - student project

It was really hard for me to choose one sketch that would not sound too personal. I have lots of struggles with anxiety and depression and being autistic, sometimes it's really hard to make people understand how you feel before you go to an event or meeting. It's not like you are being selfish, but most of the times your brain just stops working rationally, and get in a very chaotic mood, and in these moments, it's very easy for the negative thoughts to take control. Thoughts like you're not good enough and not a good friend, and that nobody really likes you are the most common feelings for me when I have anxious situations.

I already got too personal but I would like to spread the message of empathy towards people with any type of mental illness; it's not easy being out there and trying to be social, specially after a long time quarantined. I just want you to know that we are all together and we must understand when this happens...

I loved participating in this project so much. It really opened my mind for expressing my feelings and pain in a more creative/positive way!

Maddjì Madsen
teacher and artist-Malmö/Copenhagen