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Lorraine Z.

graphic design student



Soccer Dream

As a Chinese, I had never done Chinese brush inking before, for the last three years, I have been learning graphic design in Western Australia, of course the illustration is my favorite unit. When I first saw Yuko's work, I was immediately attrated by her beautifully executed work , they have the feel of oriental art but different than what I had in my mind in the past, I think that 's exactly like  l she said that the spontaneous feeling in her drawings are what we should pay attention to during our learning.

I did some research about my own culture background, such as Chinese opera and Chinese Calligraphy, I had never paid any attention to them for all my life, suddenly discovered and realized that they are so beautiful, the Chinese opera mask and ficial make up are just bralliant,  seems like they are looking for kind of perfection of beauty.  

My research:

I decided to borrow them for this project. Since the  time is during World cup 2014, my idea is the Chinese Soccer Dream for World cup as they are out again, even though Chinese started playing Cuju (soccer) from 3rd-2nd century BC. The first skecth doesn't show the face much which I would like to show the face mostly, so just enlarged it and croped it.

This is the final skech, as you can see I used Yuko's technique for the swash of clouds, I really like  her technique, hopefully she doesn't mind for my learning for this project.

Now it is the time to try the inking, I almost had no idea how to go for it, but as it was the try piece, so just dipped my brush into the ink and started inking it without any fraid, if I ruined it, I can always make another one. The result is out of my expectation, I was almost happy with it, but felt like the lines and folds of cloth on the man are not strong enough and looks bit too messy.

Second try, the left one which I still wasn't happy with it, the ficial mask got too much texture, looks very dry which I used too much dry brush strokes, and the nose got some problem as well, so had to abonden it, tried another one ( the right),  it was better and decided to go ahead with it.

Add the swahes of clouds.

Final piece: 

I am almost happy with the inking of the Chinese man as I used the way of Chinese calligraphy technique of holding the brush which I held the brush staight (zhong feng), my lines are showing some changes by pressing lighter or harder. Also used some dry brushe strokes to get some textures. But the swash of cloulds I had lots of difficulties, when I went slowly with my brush, the swashes did not have the fluent feeling, when I went quickly, I was just kind of lost of control of the brush, the lines became messy. So I think it has to take lots of practice, so I leave it as it is.

I hope Yuko will show us how to color it by Photoshop next time, I am looking forward to seeing her new class.

Yuko, Thank you very much. I learned a lot from you.


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