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Saleem Reshamwala

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Soccer Beat

Psyched to be learning about mixing from one of the greats!

(Current version sounds like this dropped some "heys" to let it build a little. How can we improve it?)

Project we're using to apply what we're learning:

So, I direct videos, and I'm working on a holiday commercial for a soccer company that has a is filmed in stop motion with real people. And I'm working with producer Real Laww ( @theRealLaww) to come up with a custom soundtrack.

(Can't show the commercial yet, but here's a screenshot)

We're trying to come up with a piece that has an organic feel and a cheery bounce that works for sports and the holidays (this is the 2013 holiday spot).

First, a couple tracks with bounces that we really like:

Love the energy in Gnarl's Barkley's "Going on":

And I love the use of ambient sound in the Go Team's stuff.


We started with a double-clap drum pattern by Laww.

And added elements (synths, live sax, live handclaps, and some recorded cheering, (synths, live sax, live handclaps, and some recorded cheering)

Then: Some "Hey" shouts to fill it out.

And dropped some "heys" to let it build a bit in the latest version.

We're going to tweak it a bit, make a few versions. And then follow the Young Guru course to work out the final mix. Got any advice for us as we start mixing? OVERALL: How would you make this beat better?


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