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Kimberly Gonzalez




Soap Nuts!


So, I made this zine for the 2016 Miami Zine Fair. It was a simple 8 page, BW zine that I sold with a starter "Nut Sack" of soap nuts to encourage people to try a natural alternative to detergent-based soaps. 

Here's a shot of my table at the Zine Fair


^^^ Soap Nuts Zine on this corner!

I thought it would make a cute EPUB, so I converted the quarter page InDesign page to iPad size.


1. Convert fonts to embeddable Type Kit fonts.

2. Added color!

3. Added the hyperlinks to Resources.

4. Animated some of my Soap Nut drawings.

5. Created buttons for internal navigation.

6. Shot a video! Which you can see here:

and, that's it. I'll post the finished file in the class resources. :)

Oh! And the original zine, with Starter Nut Sack, is here:


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