Soaking up the morning sun

Amy's class taught me the importance of being patient.  I would say it gave me confidence to stay in one place for a while without feeling like a failure.

I recently went to New Mexico, to see the sunrise at the Chaco Culture National Park. I used Amy's advice to capture these two photographs. I did take a lot of pictures, but I feel these two tell a story.  

I used a Canon point and shoot. I know, nothing fancy .. . but it did the job.  Later on I will learn how to use a more advance(?) camera.

It was still dark and cold when I got there. I started admiring the sunrise and taking photos of it, but somehow I got the first photograph when this man turned around.  I guess the photo was an accident, but I feel some sense of adventure when I look at that picture, but it might all be in my mind.

 The man was looking at something behind me. Curious to see what the man was looking at, I turned around and I captured the second picture of this project. In it you can see people with their eyes closed soaking in the sun or it's energy.  They are in a very contemplative state.  

I feel really drawn to these two pictures; I think they're powerful somehow. I love them both. 




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