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Soak Studio - Personalised Prints, Gifts & Design

Featuring the work of independent designer Melinda Katotriatis (that's me), Soak Studio is all about GETTING PERSONAL with gift giving, and celebrating uniqueness.

Ok, let's confess - we've all done the last minute stop for flowers at the service station on the way home, haven't we?  Very handy in an emergency, but not exactly the best way to show someone you love them:)

Seriously, how many more socks and chocolates have to suffer? It's time to take gift giving to boot camp and get it in shape!!!

My designs are focused around prints & art for special occasions, and things that can be personalised - think family trees, wedding and engagement prints, baby birth prints, nursery sketches, chopping boards, calendars, jewellery and more. 

I'm daring to dream that I can create an online space that allows the customer to be a part of the creative process, and feel super excited about giving their one of a kind gift, all while allowing me to be expressing my unique design style & aesthetic. I am growing a range of gorgeous options that will provide awesome personalised gifts no matter who my customer is buying for. 


My business model is an online website, where people can view my personalised prints, gifts, & artwork, purchase online & have delivered.  This part of my business is freelance, as each personalised work has to be designed, proofed & approved by the customer.  It is primarily a product based business,

It is also a base for me to develop my unique design style and following, with the goal of branching into some entrepreneurial areas - digital books, stationery lines, journals, books, and an online branding course for new businesses, all of which do not require me to work at an hourly rate, and can also be wholesaled to brick and mortar shops.


My unique designs and artworks, 3 x printers, sewing machine, pro camera, design software, computer, wood working tools.
FUTURE ASSETS: Laser Engraver, Rotary Engraver, Workshop Space, Metal Working Tools


Web Developer to set up online course
PR person to manage FB, marketing, & media pitching
Workshop Assisstant to cut board, prep productsVideoprapher to create video blogs & course content


My customer is someone who loves to give meaningful gifts.  She's super busy, loves style & fashion, and finding the perfect gift is high on her list because it's a way she can show how much she cares for that person. She knows she doesn't have a lot of time to spend with them, so she wants to leave a lasting memory with them of how much thought she put into a gift that celebrates them. She gets a buzz from knowing it'll be the only one like it!  Ordering online makes her life easy, she can shop online 24/7, when ever she has a few spare minutes, as well as the gift being delivered to her door, or straight to her giftee.

SCALEABILITY:  And finally, outline what part of this is hard, which part is unique, and how you're going to repeat it again and again.

The hard part of this is getting the online store to look great, build trust, and be super customer friendly. It will also be hard to build a list of followers from scratch, and to create my course and book content, while doing the above, with children:)

The unique part comes from my design aesthetic, my photos and illustrations, which no one else can copy, as well as the range of gift options I develop.

I will repeat it by getting a subscriber, staying in contact with them via blog & newsletter, & inspiring them to choose personalised.


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