"So, you want to hear about my day?"

Voiceover tells the story of his day. Speaking really fast.


"So, you want to hear about my day? I woke up early, as usual it was hard to do. After taking a really short bath I went out for ride. Today I skipped breakfast because I don’t have time for cooking and all that. After some hours of riding I realized I was at the mountain, don't ask me how I got there, so I decided to go for a climb. It was late and I thought “man I better get home, I need to call my wife”. Back home I realized something, “demonios I don’t have a wife” … since I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone I decided I need to get a girl. I knew that the best way to do so was to write a song, so I took my guitar but suddenly I realized that I didn’t know how to play guitar, actually I don't know whos guitar this is, so I went on line to look for a cool song that I could claim as my own. "What is this? God, my Visual story telling homework is due for today" … I better start to write something down... “man I don´t have time for this, I need to get some sleep". ...Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!!"

The shots are done from the first persons perspective. Each scene shouldn't be longer than 5 secs.

Scene1: A room all messed up. Man is in the bed waking up. Then a quick shot of water going out from the shower towards the camera.

Scence2: Man going down stairs holding a skateboard. He is still putting his shirt as he walks done the stairs.

Scene3: Street with some cars. Man going downhill on skateboard

Scene4: Woods in the mountain. Sun is setting. Man is running thru the woods.

Scene5: Back in the messy room. There is a guitar next to the bed and some clothes in the floor

Scene6: Living room. There’s a computer in the table. Man surfing the net. Then he shuts the computer off


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