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Kat Kalindi

Professional illustrator & doodler



So you think you can't draw? 5 steps to spark your creativity


Doodling can actually help you focus, boost your brain power and spark your creativity.

A lot of people feel the call to be creative but just didn't know where to start. I'm going to guide you from the beginning so you can gain the confidence to doodle and draw and grow your creativity. We'll get started with

  • Making marks with basic shapes and lines
  • Creating doodle patterns
  • Exercises to flex your creative muscles
  • Filling a page with your new skills

By the end of this class I guarantee you will not be scared of a blank piece of paper or a brand new sketchbook. You will realise the calming qualities of doodling and want to draw on anything and everything!




PROJECT TITLE:  Fill a page with doodles

I would love to see your work in progress doodles so please share anything you have doodled in this class.

This could be the beginning of your creative journey and I would love to see how you have gone! Even if it's on a piece of scrap paper you doodled on while on the phone, or if you have a sketchbook you've been working on -Take a photo and upload it!

Sharing your art will help you grow as a creative...and if you need any feedback, please ask :) 

 Here is a link to my project outline:


This is the link to my INTRO Video!

I really wish i had a better microphone! Trying not to overthink it, anyway! :) 


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