So what's your sign?

So what's your sign? - student project

[Writing a conversation from two pieces of overheard dialogue]


P1: “Omg, seriously? You don’t know what your sign is. That’s like, the craziest answer to that question I’ve ever heard.”


P2: “…Really? So you like, ask people this a lot?”


P1: “Yeah, I ask people all the time, but no one’s ever been like, oh I don’t know. You’re the first I’ve ever heard say that. Like, ever. I mean…so isn’t it like your birthday next month?”


P2: “Yeah.”


P1: “Like when? Like what day?”


P2: “The eighth.”


P1: “Oh shit! So that means you’re a Scorpio…mmm…trouuuuble.”


P2: “Okay…I’m not sure what…I don’t know what that means. I’m not sure how to react to that.”


P1: “Scorpios are like, intense.”


P2: “…um. Ok.”


P1: “Like I had a Scorpio ex and it was like…agh! Like, real messy, you know?”


P2: “Sure.”


P1: “So what are you doing for the big day?”


P3: “He bought himself a gas machine during the Prime Day sale.”


P1: “A gas machine? What the fuck is that?”


P3: “Like making gassy water?”


P1: “Oh my god. I can’t stop laughing. Oh my god. I know what you’re talking about, but it’s definitely not called a gas machine. That was like…oh my god it sounded so gross.”


P2: “It’s a SodaStream. That’s what it’s called. I bought a SodaStream. I’m trying to be healthier and shit. Drink less soda or whatever the fuck.”


P3: “Okay, sorry! I didn’t know what it was called!”


P1: “Oh it’s not you. He’s a Scorpio, they get like this.”


P2: “Jesus.”