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So naturally 70's - Repeat pattern

Pattern Design I: Creating Inspiring Repeats

by Elizabeth Olwen, Surface Pattern Designer

My idea is to start creating textile patterns for fabrics. Mainly for my friend’s sewing collection. Unique patterns can make the difference in textile business.

This is my 2nd SkillShare course.

#01 Moodboard

Pattern inspiration from the 70’s.


  • Large geometric leafs.
  • Contrast of colours background/foreground. Sometimes one colour eye catcher.
  • Texture hint.
  • Flat colours, no gradients.
  • Lines for texture and bone structure. (thin to fat black lines)

#02 Sketches exploration


  • Symetric geometric leafs and flowers. Eye, Flat and Drop shapes.
  • Uneven cut outs in shapes
  • Straight bone line. Thick line with intricate cutouts. Line to shape
  • Fat dots. Dots to cut out shape.
  • Texture - lines or dots.
  • Offset colouring


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