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So many projects I, I get stuck!

Does that screenshot give you a clue as to why I *need* this course?! lol

I tend to have a too-casual & sloppy approach to my work, period.  Compound that with the fact that I've got several significant areas in my work life (part-time consulting, a significant volunteer commitment (which is now morphing into a mix of paid & volunteer work), a spiritual community, home projects that never get tackled, plus a variety of personal interests in that category called Life) and you begin to understand why I need a system.

From listening to Tiago's description, and reading several of the highlighted projects, I'm hoping this is what it sounds like -- a collection of philosophies and approaches to organizing my work, a collection of tools and (importantly) *how* to use them for this purpose (I don't want to spend the time analyzing & creating my own system, but rather learn some 'best methods' from the expert(s)), yet all with enough flexibility that I don't feel constrained.


I've opened an account on Todoist, and entered 75 open loops.  I confess it was fun to simply do a 'dump', without entering dates or organizing them in any way.  Still interested to see how this becomes a working 'system' that'll get me actually *completing* some of these things that have been hanging over my head forever.


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