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So close...

Well… I really wanted to try the Kodak Portra film Matt recommended but unfortunately it turned up half a week later than it was supposed to which was too late for this class. I shot a roll of Fujifilm Superia 200 instead which may have been just as well; if I get used to better film I’m probably not going to want to go back to the cheap stuff so I should use up the Superia I have first. Since I was user cheaper film I decided to go with a cheaper option for developing; Dwayne’s Photo. Sadly I’m not going to get my prints back until this Monday, the last day of the class. I’ll try to upload a few then if I can, but for now these pictures (also shot with Superia) that I got developed at my local Walgreens a few weeks ago will have to be better than nothing:

My two favorites:

Now for my two worst shots. I think maybe I should have used a tripod with this one? Something clearly went wrong.

This second one is just badly executed. There’s this awesome abandoned mental hospital out in the middle of the country and I was going for creepy with the inclusion of the trees but I fear I rather failed… I think I need to go back on a less sunshiney day.


I seem to recall promising pictures of horses, although I'm totally cheating; these are digital if it is not sufficiently obvious.


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