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So You Think You Know Brussels?!

This is a first draft of my project and it's still quite rough. But the basic idea is here! 

I love Brussels and it's funny that before I moved here I had no idea how culturally rich the city is. Our impression of Brussels through the foreign press tends to focus on the EU Bubble, which is grey and dull, full of meetings and councils, with a few ideas about peeing boys and giant atoms thrown in... Friends who come to visit me now still think it's like that! In reality it's nothing like that, it's bursting at the seams with museums, festivals and events. I wanted to show this explosion of culture. So, I chose a pretty standard image of Brussels, the city's peeing mascot Mannekin Pis. He's fun and sweet but the image is everywhere and tourists in the city centre tend to stick to visiting him and a few other standard tourist spots. 

The background image of Mannekin Pis is a open licence picture. I printed it on our home printer which is acting up so the colours are terrible! For the final cut I will print it on good photo paper in B&W. The collage images are all taken from flyers for events from the past year. I run events myself so I tend to keep a bunch of flyers at home that caught my eye at one time. I have to reorganise them - the little guy in the front middle stands out too much because I didn't cut around his white outline yet. But these are the basic shape. I'll have to work on the font too. It gets lost in the images. So I might leave the top line of the photo free for text... 

If I had the time, or a reason such as publishing them, I'd create a whole series! So you think you know Brussels dance? So you think you know Brussels music? So you think you know Brussels parks?! Using a different background image for each but on the same theme. I've also always wanted to find a hash tag that I can use on my own instagram photos, something about creative brussels, but can't come up with one that's catchy. A friend of mine ran a huge tourism campaign in Sligo, Ireland, using the hashtag #sligowhoknew and it worked so well! All ideas are welcome!

I hope you guys like it! It's inspired by some big name artists like David Lachapelle, who hasn't worked in travel posters as far as I know! And also my husband's work, which is primarily collage work. You can see his handiwork on the banner of his band's website - - a mix & match of images that inspire him! 


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