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So Laci Like

Thanks Sophia for the class! For the last few months I've been working on creating a better instagram feed but I've been struggling with posting content that I think really shows my interest, and also getting people to engage with photos that aren't selfies. Here's my IG: So Laci Like


Part 1: Top 5 Categories/Markets

- Graphic Design/Arts

- Sneakers

- Black Culture 

- Fashion/Streetwear

- Music 


Part 2: Editing 

I usually use a combination of apps depending on the photo. My favorites are VSCO, Photoshop Express, and Snapseed. Sometimes I edit photos using the in app editing options under tools on Instagram. I'm excited to test out Anti Crop. Here's a few photos I've edited recently using various apps. 


(Shot with a DSLR, edited in Instagram)


(Shot on iPhone, edited in Photoshop Express)


(Shot on iPhone, edited in Instagram)

Part #3: Hashtagging 

I follow a few people who work in social media and ran across a trend. 


After posting a pic, post about 4-5 dots, add all the hastags you wants and post as a comment. On your instagram feed it shows up as a "continue here option" and won't distract the viewer. The only time all the hastags immediately show up is on the web. This has worked for me because I'm still finding my audience and discovering what hashtags work and what don't. 


One tip that I've learned in regards of finding my demographic is researching the who are already in that demographic. That includes looking at who they follow and who follow them because more than likely if you like that person the people they interact could like your product if its similar.

Thanks again for the class! Here's my current feed



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