So I barely drew before doing this

So I barely drew before doing this - student project

Before this, I barely did much drawing other than casually sketching with pen or regular pencil that everyone writes with. Very, VERY recently I've realized that actually I have this secret, deep passion for art and creativity... and above most other things I really want to get a lot better at it, even though I don't have much experience. 

So this experiment is part of this new creative journey I have. Looking over my work now I think I definitely broke some rules and didn't follow exactly what we were supposed to do for each experiment sometimes. Oh well, haha. 

Most of these were done with simply regular pencil, MUJI pens, and Mildliner markers because that is literally all I have on hand, until Experiment 6 with the bees, I remembered I had some acrylic paint and I broke them out for it. 

Kinda nervous about sharing but here goes nothing!

So I barely drew before doing this - image 1 - student project

Experiment 1: I LOVE black ink. But too much of it is not a good thing (the last one). I liked the look of straight pen lines in different directions to create depth, like the different greens in the third one. Cross-hatching was a good look. There's something about the look of a black ink drawing with hints of colored ink that I really like. 


So I barely drew before doing this - image 2 - student projectExperiment 2: I think this one looked straight out of a kid's 1st-grade art homework. I'm not proud of this one. But for some reason that second orange ladybug really speaks to me. If I were a ladybug, I would be him. This is my first time trying to jump out of my comfort zone, and well, I tried. I mostly used Mildliner markers and highlighters for this so the look is very soft and undefined. Yes, that's purple ink in the third ladybug. 


So I barely drew before doing this - image 3 - student projectExperiment 3: Oh man, I don't know. Maybe a 5th grader's art homework. I jumped out of my comfort zone here and although they didn't exactly pertain to the experiment, I discovered looks that I really like. I think what I did with the last fly's wings looks really cool. It adds a cool look of texture that really speaks to me. The 4th fly has a super cool cartoon-looking quality about him. Never thought that would be my style... still wondering if it is. I wish I had masking pen, I literally just colored around pencil lines for the 3rd fly and erased them afterward. 


So I barely drew before doing this - image 4 - student projectExperiment 4: If I did this with more varied media, I think these could have looked really pretty. I think I like butterflies. My favorite is definitely the 3rd one, the pink one. Love the ink detail and the color combo. I realized maybe I should've stuck to one color combo for all 6 but I ended up playing with different colors and detail. I should not do what I did with the 1st butterfly, and that was getting carried away with the black ink. Also could've been drawn better. I love love love colors.


So I barely drew before doing this - image 5 - student project

Experiment 5: Definitely a 3rd grader's art project. Except for the 3rd one. I really like that one actually. My Mildliner highlighters came in handy to make the translucent look of the wings. I messed up with the tail of the 4th dragonfly so I tried to fix it by covering it up with all that purple haha. Looking at it now I should have just finished the rest of the box with purple, would've been a cool color contrast to the wings. I like the simplicity and detail of the 1st dragonfly, the colors compliment each other really well and make me happy looking at it.


So I barely drew before doing this - image 6 - student project

Experiment 6: I really like bees haha. Like I said, I broke out the acrylic paints for this one, so this time it's not just ink and marker. I'm really happy with this one. I love the paint detail of the 2nd one's wings, and the ink fill-in detail of the 3rd one I actually really really like, too. You can't tell from the pic but I used metallic gold paint on the wings of the 4th one. That marker on the 4th one makes the bee look so fluffy! The 5th bee was done in purely marker and is not surprisingly my least favorite. I don't think I've ever played with paint like this before (I don't remember my art in art classes back in school ever looking close to this), and I'm really excited about the possibilities. 


Thanks to Alanna for creating this course and allowing me an opportunity to play and grow :)

Christina Lee

A girl on a creative journey