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So Good & Delicious


SG&D is not a start-up in the more common sense; it's a foodservice company that corrals a collective of creative chefs that aims to create dining experiences that go push the boundaries of traditional dining by incorporating artistic, cultural, entertaining, and/or educational elements to it.  I'm the curator/host/sponsor.

SG&D's mantra: "The Belly Rules The Mind" is pertinent to all peoples. The primal act of eating can be used as an effective vehicle to more cerebral experience. Thinking about food is what is afforded to the well-to-do and privileged. Ideally, these events will be accessible to a more proletariat target market, starting conversations about food with those normally not allowed into such talk.

I've been working towards the SG&D concept for over a year now and it's gone through many evolutions and breakthroughs since wanting it to become a catering company on the modern cuisine end of the spectrum. A more focused direction is needed to make this work.

I feel this isn't the type of project this course was expecting but entrepreneurship and the philosophy surrounding it has brought me to where I am now in the food world and I'll consistently apply the core spirit of entrepreneurship to my food world forays.

I'll be posting more detailed accounts of what SG&D has done before and hopes to do in the future.


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