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So Far...

Hi class!

The "quote" I've chosen is actually a song lyric from "So Far (It's Alright)" by The 1975. I reckon the song is about the trials and tribulations of life (the artist's in particular, but I can resonate), and being alright, whether you really are or just say so.

"Yeah so far, it's alright"

I chose this not only because I am constantly saying and thinking it, but because it can hold so many emotions, even if a person doesn't know the context of the song. Personally, when life punches me dead in the face, I pause, close my eyes, and say "I'm's alright" and this affirmation keeps me going, and working toward my goals. So I'd say the emotion this quote evokes for me is an anxious kind of optimism. I don't if there is a word to descibe that emotion as a whole so if anyone has an idea, please share!

On to the next lesson...

Update 1: Moodboard

I figured out that "hope" is the word I was trying to descibe my emotion being. Sometimes hope can't exist without fear, and fear is what definitely throws a one-two-punch in my face several times a week. So hope for me brings a sense of ease in an anxiety filled world. Even though the emotion oftentimes has a kind of push-pull relationship, I know reminding myself that everything's alright will settle me down in the end.

My moodboard is super broad, but each choice means something to me. Ultimately I think I want to design my quote in a way that shows hope surrounded by uneasiness.



Update 2: Thumbnails

I'm not a hand-letterer, unless you count doodling my name in bubble letters way back in high school. So I went into the thumbnailing process feeling a little overwhelmed. I think I took each thumbnail further than I should have, but I felt it was the only way for me to really know what direction to go in in the end. Although my thumbnails might not fully show my emotion, once I decide which one to use and refine, I'll be able to better express what I see in my head.



Update 3 : Sketch


Right now I'm happy with the sketch, but that could change. A few of the details didn't come out in the photo because I used blue led for some reason. So I may refine the sketch a little bit before the next step.


Update 4: Refine

So my scan didn't come out as nice as I wanted it, but at least you can notice the few changes I've made. I'm hoping when I ink that the scan, if not a photo, will do the lettering justice.


Final Update: Inked and Result:

After posting my horrible scan, I realized I wasn't happy with some of the lines so I redid all the lettering. Inking was particularly difficult. I was terrified of messing up. But of course I did, several times, and of course I didn't disentergrate into oblivion because of it. Just had to roll with it.


For the background I used a straw to blow around drops of India ink. I inverted the black type, and used hue/satruation to alter the overall color a little bit. 


I need MUCH more practice with my letting, but the whole process was extremely fun. I now have new hobby, and look forward to taking more lettering courses on Skillshare.

In the end I wish I could have better translated the ideas I had in my head for this project, but overall I like the vulnerabilty the dark ink gives to a hopeful message. 

Thanks sooo so much Mete for your help, ideas and guidence. I'll be taking your other class for sure :P


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