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Snowy Journey

This is a little idealized drawing of my daughter, son and our dog I'm calling "Snowy Journey". Sort of dystopian, survival thing, mixed with sibling bonding. My son seems to be bothered by something from off to the side, but I'm sure the dog can handle it though. 

Had lots of fun playing with the textures on the boy's hat and scarf and the girl's gloves, as well as the dog's riding blanket. Fun to tease out patterns with textural elements, rather than simply drawing them in.Here is a close up of said textures...

If I were going to take it beyond simply scanning it in and playing with levels, I might pull out some more detail in the dog's face and fur and clean up some of the snow and add more flakes falling everywhere. Otherwise, pretty stoked on the way it turned out!

Here is the sketch for "Snowy Journey". I tried to keep it pretty loose and not get bogged down with too many details at this stage, as Yuko suggested.

Below, I'm including some recent editorial work I've done using this process. I must say, I think I'm in love. It's been a long time since I woke up in the morning, excited to get back to a drawing I'd been working on the night before. 

Spot illustration for Bicycle Times magazine's column "Ask Beardo the Weirdo", based on a puppet I made. You can see a video of Beardo in action here.

Full page illustration for Dirt Rag magazine for an article about the rise of electric bike on the trails and that problem being something aking to the pink elephant in the room.

Table of contents spread for Dirt Rag magazine entitled "Dirt Surfer" exploring the cultural similarities between surfers and mountain bikers.

Thank you, Yuko! 


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