Snowy Day Potstickers

Snowy Day Potstickers - student project

Hello all! My snowday today has been dedicated towards making a homemade meal for my family with fried potstickers and chicken fried rice (which I found on Joscelyn's website here!)

Snowy Day Potstickers - image 1 - student project

I made some minor changes to the recipes since I'm pretty particular about both of them so I'm excited to be able to make my own. But right off the bat my dough was a little weird, the recipe calls for 3/4 boiling water but I ended up having to add more to make it soft and smooth.

Snowy Day Potstickers - image 2 - student project

Snowy Day Potstickers - image 3 - student project

Other than a few mishaps with not putting flour on the wrappers so they wouldn't stick, the dumplings turned out great and I was able to freeze half of them for later.  Thanks so much for this class (and for the fried rice recipe)!

Win Evans
Jack of All Trades Designer/Crafter/Illustrator