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Sam Hainsworth

Digital & Graphic Designer



Snowy Colour Correction

Hey Skillsharers,

So last night it started snowing and I thought I'd get up bright and early and take full advantage to go filming for this course today! I've recently been watching a lot of Fargo and quite darkish film so wanted to recreate somethign similar. 

I got my colour just to how I wanted them and then began the grading and really liked this blue overlay sort of feel, made it feel a lot more colder, which I wanted and darker. Here's a before and after of the shot.


As you can seen the orginal looks a little washed out and dirty, where as the after feel a lot more darker and the snow in the trees really pop out, which I really like.

I also quickly edited a few of the other shots from today and make a mini montage of shots (quaility is a little low due upload speeds, had to compress it a little)

Let me know what you think.



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