Snowmen, Reindeer, Watercolor oh my!

After watching the video a few times, I decided to paint as I watched. My desire/end goal/dream is to have a set of boxed holiday cards. I let this go by every year undone. I said this summer (probably too late) I would not let 2018 pass without it. I was making progress and things halted for a month. Last week started painting and today I came to post my progress and see that the project for this class is to create a card! Eureka! Serendipitous! Divinely guided, yup!

Here's my work so far, I need to practice the snowflakes with a smaller brush. The reindeer, not sure about how the wash worked/my balance with the water. It feels like a green mass...

I get stuck after pencil drawing, so I need to figure out how to go back and do something with these snowmen. I do like them alot.








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