Snowflakes - student project

Snowflakes - image 1 - student project

After I clear out the design with #1blade,  I take a test stamp in a very light color ink, that way I can see both the imprint on white paper and I can still see my marks on the stamp too.  

The photo of the first test seems to be distorted...I held the shift key while reducing the size here in the workspace... sorry about that.  

Snowflakes - image 2 - student project

Here I've marked with the orange circle shape on my test stamps for you to see where I need to clean up.... so I go back in and tweek a little more.  

Snowflakes - image 3 - student project

Here are some final test stamps, and the stamp it self.  I love making unique things. And with the snowflake I had some engineering to do to get the 1/6 th stamp to work, so when stamped 6 times creates a snowflake with proper spacing.  It's been a fun project and as you can see I use my stamps on everyday items... like gift wrap!  I made a bunch of these stamps so the package is showing two different stamps I did at about the same time, but don't have good in process photos of.  

Thanks for taking a look.  Donalee 

Donalee Kennedy
Artist, Designer, Quilt maker