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I always was interested in generative design and processing. But since I'm not so much into programming I found it quite hard to understand, develope and try out.

This class however is great and the Hype framework makes it a bit easier for me to actually produce some graphics in processing, so thanks for sharing this awesome library!

I'm at #4 Painting to the Screen right now and I started my first project - Snowflakes

These are the original graphics I drew inspired by "Studies among the Snow Crystals" from Wilson Bentley.

Exchanging the svg-files from one of the object-files and playing around with the For loop and the parameters. 



I got inspired by the amazing projects by Shahib Amin and Sajid Reshamwala (thanks!) which are using Node Box to create kaleisoscopic images:

These are some images generated with the snowflakes svg's, not sure where to go from there so...


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