Patricia White

Digging Up Creative Roots



Snowflake Wreath, Green Wreath, Holiday Text



Had fun learning the techniques to create the watercolour snowflakes. Instructor videos were clear and concise. Decided to organize the snowflakes into a wreath. Tried the banners and they didn’t seem to work well in this layout so drew a bow, trying to match the informality of the flakes. Used the Assembly app for the ‘Snow!’ text scattered throughout the design. Utilized some of the snowflake stamp brushes from the instructor download to fill in between the larger motifs. In retrospect, I may have left a few motifs out to simplify the design. Now on to the floral text portion of the course!


KInda went nuts with the greenery wreath part of the course. Just kept making variations on the theme until I said “just stop!”. Soooo, I’m posting four files for this part of the project but think my favourite is the first one as it seems less busy than the others. One side-benefit is that I now have ready-made artwork for Christmas cards this year!








Here’s the last part of my class project. Christmas text using the word PEACE.  Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season.




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