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Update - Feb 15, 2016

I worked on my pattern a little more in another SPD session. I see some green in there that maybe needs to go. Oops! I'll get there :)


Pattern Block

I just wanted to post my bit of progress on creating my pattern block. Still lots of tweakingto do... Haven't settled on a color palette, either. I don't think I will have time to finalize today as it seems to take me FOREVER! But I am enjoying the process. I will post a final pattern when life allows, a very busy life with two toddlers!!! Elizabeth, thank you! You are so generous to be so attentive to us all! I hope you do the same format with your other classes. Happy Pattern Making everyone!



This is the most challenging part for me as I don't have much confidence in my drawing skills. I think I may even hold my breath while I draw! Ha! It's a goal of mine to complete more drawing courses. And to loosen up. Yikes! Anyway, I am running behind here. I'd like to maybe draw some more versions of my sweet, pudgy bird and some other small elements. My scanner was not behaving last night and then just decided to work this morning. I also haven't had time to digitize. I do not have a tablet or iPad, yet! Hoping Santa comes through on that one ;) So, using the mouse is tough for me, takes forever! But I will get there.





I live in the Northern Rockies where these birds, the Dark-eyed Junco, aka Snowbird, are in abundance in the winter months. If you ride the chairlift on the backside of our ski mountain and hold out your hand, or a treat, they will fly up to you and possibly perch on your outstretched mitten. I would like to create a festive pattern celebrating the snowbird with a rustic and whimsical, wintry feel. On to sketching!



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