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Snowball Fight

I'm afraid my commute to work through suburban neighborhoods wasn't very inspiring, so I decided to play with my recreational time instead.  I had just taken the kids to the park on a nice Fall day and decided it would be fun to take a hyperlapse of the playground from a kid's perspective.  Kids seem to run around in hyper speed anyways.  FYI- Holding a phone while climbing is trickier than it looks.

 You can view the final product on my instagram account at

I hope to try another video soon but this is my work in progess so far...

Updated 11/3/14- 

We got a very rare snowfall in South Carolina and oddly enough at the beginning of November too!  I took advantage of that and shot a few videos of the kids having a snowball fight.  I tried to remember to walk around the subject to keep it interesting.  My favorite video is posted to my instagram site.

I added one extra video of driving in the snow that I thought was pretty smooth- aside from when my husband decided to do a brake-check while we were driving out of the neighborhood.  "Don't you know I'm hyperlapsing here!"  Sounds like a heart condition or something.  Hehe.


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