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Terrence Carlos

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Snow Owl Studio Logo Mark

Snow Owl Studios is the working title I put all of my Freelance projects under as a designer, and since I'm based in New England, I wanted to speak to both aspects visually in the bookmark. First as always, sketching thumbnails helps with composition. What really made the project come together is how well adjusting filters and effects can render snow and create the atmosphere or mood I was going for. I wish I took more time to get the actual desired pen/ink brush effect, but I had trouble with getting the dry brush to come in on my linework, somewhere between the inner glow and the blending options must be where I went a bit astray. In any case I'm fairly happy with the result, and will love to see how the bookplate looks on similar studio material such as kraft letterhead, or wooden stamps. 

Thanks for sharing, great skill here that can be applied in many settings, and super fun to play with. 







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