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Anisa Sagynova

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Snow Leopard - Stop Hunting

Hello Evgeniya!

Thank you for the great class!

I am working on the Snow leopard.

Here is the image I was inspired of:


[Figure 1]. Snow leopard photo. Available at:

Here is my drawing:


[Figure 2] 'Sketching your lettering'


[Figure 3] 'Finalizing your lettering'

My next step is to convert the letterforms into shapes using pen tool and adjust the letters. At the same time I think it looks great as it is, but I think the letters stand too close to each other.

I would really appreciate your feedback and any comments!

- Anisa


Updated: Sep. 10th, Saturday

Following the recommendations of my teacher, I divided the paws from the letterforms on Adobe Illustrator [Fig. 4]:


[Figure 4]. Adjusting gaps and letterforms.

Using guides and circle shapes I aligned the stems and counters [Fig. 5]:


[Figure 5]. My result for now.

Using PMI method (P-plus, M-minus, I-interested) I evaluated and analyzed my work:

(+) The letter 'S', 'U', 'G' and others look more precise now.

(+) The gaps between letters look more balanced but require more adjustment.

(-) The inner sides as well as edges of letteforms are too even. I prefer them look more natural.

Next steps:

- keep working on the letterforms.

- upload my work.

- add texture.

- work on background.


Updated: Sep. 28th, Wed.

Studying a little bit the anatomy and movement of the snow leopard, I decided to change the image. I used the screenshot taken from the video on youtube where clearly seen all parts of snow leopard.


[Figure 6]. The screenshot of the snow leopard.

Changed the size and shape of the letters to adjust them to the new snow leopard image. Here is the result:


[Figure 7]. The snow leopard (new version).


Updated: Oct. 11th, Tues.

I have refined the edges of letters making them more rounded and look more like spots. I have also increased the size of the head and decreased the tail. However, if you look at snow leopard you can notice that its head is actually smaller and tail is long and wide in comparison to tigers, leopards, etc. So I slightly changed the sizes of these two elements. But I agree that in my previous work the head looked disproportionally small. I have also incorporated the fur into the bottom of letters on the legs.


[Figure 8]. The snow leopard (updated version).

Now I proceeding to generate the ideas for the background and overall concept.

Keywords: snow-leopard, shooting target, blood, mountains.

Concept 1 - Blood drips/puddle:


Concept 2 - Shooting target:


Concept 3 - Red background:


I like these three concepts very much but do not know which one to choose and develop further. Would really appreciate your feedback!


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