Snickerdoodle Software

Snickerdoodle Software - student project

One year ago, when I started my own app software company. I quickly put together a logo. Now, I have more time, so I want to redesign the logo. 

This is the current logo.

Snickerdoodle Software - image 1 - student project


For the new logo, I am inspired by the Filosophia font shown in the first video. I like the playfulness of mixing uppercase the lowercase letters. So I draw the following sketch. 

Snickerdoodle Software - image 2 - student project

The icon on the left will be a smart phone shape with a snickerdoodle cookie insdie (so people won't be confused that we are not a baker.)

The main name "Snickerdoodle" will be in larger size to let  the name stand. I decided to use two lower case "d" because it looks better. The one I am not sure is the L at the end. I am still on the fence of using upper case or lower case. upper case L is more readable, lower case L is more cohesive. 

The "sofware" part of the company name is taking a backseat in the new design for two reason. First, The previous logo is too wide. I have a hard time to fit it mobile browser screen. Secondly, I want people to remmber "snickerdoodle" name. 


JJ Rango's logo with small o and underline inspires me this second option for "snickerdoodle". I am not sure about the 'e' at the end. but i like it there's no oblong shape o and c an e. 

Snickerdoodle Software - image 3 - student project


My frist try: (based on courier bold)

Snickerdoodle Software - image 4 - student project

I know they are not neatly line up, but i's just eager to see how it look like. i decided to go for upper case D because it just look funny with so many circular shape too close together but not lined up (d o o d). 


after clean up

Snickerdoodle Software - image 5 - student project


after not feeling my original design. i totaly went a new direction (here is a rough sketch)

Snickerdoodle Software - image 6 - student project

4/20 expanding on yesterday's idea.

Snickerdoodle Software - image 7 - student project

Snickerdoodle Software - image 8 - student project

4/20 first draft - i need to try another font

Snickerdoodle Software - image 9 - student project

4/21 after people's comments, I originally just do this to get it out of my system . But it turns into a pretty good options.

Snickerdoodle Software - image 10 - student project

4/22 fixed the spacing and experiment color and texture

Snickerdoodle Software - image 11 - student project

Snickerdoodle Software - image 12 - student project

Snickerdoodle Software - image 13 - student project

my current pick is dark brown without the texture because i like the slickness of it.

* minor adjustment the kerning betwee F and T based on Evan's suggestion. 

Snickerdoodle Software - image 14 - student project

having fun with texture.

Snickerdoodle Software - image 15 - student project

4/24 I decided to keep it simple without texture. Just a little bit outer bevel to give it a little depth.

Snickerdoodle Software - image 16 - student project