Sneakerology pre-sketches

Sneakerology pre-sketches - student project

Hello everyone,

Just to introduce myself, I'm an industrial design student in Boston that has a pretty convenient dream of being a shoe designer. My concept is one of a sharp lifestyle/leisure sneaker for the city dweller. The way I see it, cities are going to become more and more abundant across our planet in the next century due to over population. The degradation of cars is inevitable due to the overwhelming strain on our environment so walking is going to be something we will have to adjust to as a form of everyday transport. I wanted to develop a sneaker that could be sustainable, comfortable, and durable. I didn't want to get stuck in any specific brand identities but I thought my idea would fit well with Nike's aesthetic principles so I threw the swoosh on a few. Nike is a forward thinking company that I believe will stay afloat no matter what hardships our planet faces so I see them as a great choice. I want the sneaker to have excellent arch support, and a reinforced footbed for long distance walking or running. Cities can be extremely arduous on your feet when traveling from place to place so I want a sneaker that can hold up to that. I've incorporated a sole styled after the free run's due to it's visual appeal and it's durability. On another note, the sneaker should stand out and adapt to many styles. I would love for it to have pastel accents as well as hints of black and speckle patterns. A timeless sneaker is almost impossible to achieve, but it has been done. I would love to achieve such a goal. Thank you for your time!

Pre-sketches -

Sneakerology pre-sketches - image 1 - student project

Sneakerology pre-sketches - image 2 - student project

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Sneakerology pre-sketches - image 3 - student project

Haiden Goggin

Industrial Design Student