Sneakerology inspiration

Sneakerology inspiration - student project

I've been using my tumblr as a sort of inspiration blog, and the sketch of my shoe is posted up there too.

I'm still not sure exactly what direction I want to take the shoe, but I really want to be careful to not make it too complicated and high tech while at the same time not making it too simple and too much of a leisure sneaker (A genuine fear with the 999 IMO). My goal's not to make a sneaker you'd see your Pops wearing to his weekly bingo meet, but also not something you'll see Lady Gaga wearing to the VMAs.

I've really been thinking about making the shoe semi 9/11 inspired. So, something with a couple red highlights, but the majority of the sneaker would be tonal blue or grey in most likely a pigskin or suede.

The target for this shoe would be pretty similar to that of any limited sneaker release. Sneakerheads. The difference though is that this shoe has a story behind it, being that it deals with 9/11. Also, I think that New Balance attracts a slightly different crowd than other brands like Nike and Jordan, which is one of the main reasons why I chose the 999. It attracts a somewhat more refined and knowledgeable group, and leaves out the hype hunters picking up shoes in the heat of the moment they know nothing about.

Elias Julian