Sneakerology Storyboard

Sneakerology Storyboard - student project

Hey everybody!

This is my first attempt at creating a storyboard and using Dropbox. My storyboard is extremely simple but it will develop over time. And I would love feedback and any ideas that you'd think I should explore.

I played soccer for most of my life and I noticed that I was the only soccer player/sneakerhead that I knew of. On whatever team I played for, I couldn't gossip about the latest releases or talk about the sneaker culture with anybody. And I always envied basketball, football, and baseball players for signing huge sneaker deals with companies such as Nike and Jordan.

So after reading an interview with Michael Jordan, I was hit with an incredible idea. In that interview he was asked where he sees Jordan Brand in the next 10-15 years. He replied that he sees the brand branched out into more sports. So I had a Eureka moment and thought it'd be great if Jordan made soccer cleats.

After playing soccer for 15 years, ending after my freshman year of college, I have the opportunity to act on this idea.

I have included an amateur drawing of a firm ground soccer shoe and an indoor soccer shoe. While possessing the latest technology, Jordan cleats will take styling cues from Michael Jordans signature series. The shoe I drew features asymmetrical lacing for a clean striking surface with a large jumpman logo wrapping over the top. The jumpman logo will feature textured rubber for grip and ball control.

My dream is for my products to reach out to the few ""sneakerheads"" that are soccer players. The game of soccer can be enriched by wearing a pair of cleats that tell the story of one of history's greatest athletes.

And for kicks a giggles, I sketched a ""kickman"" logo that symbolizes Jordan Brands transition into the world of soccer.

*sorry for the poor scanning