Sneakerology Story Board(s) + Sketches

Sneakerology Story Board(s) + Sketches - student project

Hey all, here is my story board(s)

Because I'm running this course in parallel with one of my University papers, my target audience is going to be based on a future forecast. Due to over population on earth, in 2150 people will be living in self-sufficient communities of 20,000 - 50,000 orbiting earth.

However, living in a low gravity environment has a negative impact on the human body. Bone and muscle degeneration rapidly occurs due to lack of use. Because of this, products will rely on kinetic energy and will only function through physical activity. These products will have to provide enough resistance to replicate gravities resistance on earth.

I want to design a sneaker that:
- Aesthetically fits into the futuristic notion
- Has a raw and basic structure
- Plays with repetition and geometric shapes
- Varied tonal colour ways

Sneaker will possibly be aimed towards Nike or Adidas branding, as they are currently leading the world of shoes and probably will be in the future.


Nick Loubser

Simpleton Co-Founder