Sneakerology Inspiration + Sketches

Sneakerology Inspiration + Sketches - student project

My inspiration is a cross between street style and high fashion. There are a lot of styles out there for guys that have amazing details and fabrications, but the women's market is slim on really special looking sneakers.

As a consumer, a professional in the work for force, and as a woman, I want to hit a target audience, much like myself, that want to wear something special, right down to their sneakers.

In the last several years there have been so many new developments in textiles, colors, textures, and finishes, I would like to showcase some of that in my sneaker design.
For me hip hop and sneakers go hand in hand, and as time has passed hip hop and fashion have also become heavily intertwined. Kanye West designing sneakers, that made sense to me. My inspiration is a combination of all these things that thrive off each other.

My initial sketch is pretty basic, looking forward to pugging some fabrics in there.