Sneaker Inspiration

Sneaker Inspiration - student project

Here is my inspiration board for my concept:

My target Audience can be described in one word as: ""Cool""

In the world of sneakers and shoes,
-They appreciate that feeling of opening a new box of fresh kicks
-They embrace the struggle that made them who they are
-They appreciate quality and the hard work it takes to acquire it
-They want ownership of their shoe style
-They appreciate options and versatility
-They respect simplicity and ornate style in their kicks
- Sneakers are not a fad or trend, its a way of life - its a culture
-The experience of a shoe is not just about how they look, but its how they make you feel

This commercial inspired my concept when I saw it when it premiered:

The narrative
The experience of getting fresh kicks is visualized so well in this video. Right now I feel like a chef in the kitchen cooking up something for the people. My goal is to have a collaboration of 3 brands that I am affiliated with and incorporate it into the shoe. The experience I want the buyer to have is as follows:

1. The opening of the box after selecting the one that caught your eye ( special packaging) that can be a part of a striking display)
2.Unwrapping of the shoe( similar to a food product)
3. The unlacing process / relacing process (taking the general look to personal refinement)
4. Stepping into the shoe (the moment of admiration of the design and technology)
5. The adjustment of the shoe with your clothes (merging the shoe with your style)
6. Standing up and checking comfort ( Test of the technology )
7.Walking on and stepping out (providing a shoe that can handle the elements)
That was a bit of a brain dump, I appreciate and feedback!! I am really excited about this process