Sneaker Inspiration + Sketch

Sneaker Inspiration + Sketch - student project

My inspiration for my sneaker came from the idea, I want sneakers that are stylish that yet somebody would play in. Maybe they look better dirty maybe you prefer them clean but I come from the viewpoint that shoes don't have a story when you buy them, but you make that story as you wear them and each scuff and every grass stain tells a story. Personally I love seeing a pair of muddy supreme dunks or some tattered pair of vans. So I came into this project looking for something number 1 stylish and number 2 useful. Personally I think puma clydes are the perfect example for this. Extremely stylish but if my buddy asks me to play basketball in them I'd be happy to play in these, I think air max's are a more sportsy example so this is kind of the idea I had with these. This is just one idea I have right now and I plan on posting more sketches but for now this is all I have.

Sneaker Inspiration + Sketch - image 1 - student project

Sneaker Inspiration + Sketch - image 2 - student project