Snappy's Gooseberry Jelly

Snappy's Gooseberry Jelly - student project

SNAPPY: Snappy is a shortened version a name; Snappy Applesauce would be confusing to consumers seeing it labeled over products that don't have anything to do with applesauce -- it's a rough and short translation of the family's surname. This particular product is the first venture into the local stores and farmers market beyond mere produce.

THE JELLY: The berries are grown wild on the same property as the produce; they're grown 100% pesticide free and happy to do what wild gooseberries do in the groves of south western Minnesota. Jams and jellies are made from scratch just as they have been for generations in the family, traditions carried on as they have been since before immigrating from Germany generations ago. Enjoy the fruits of our labor!
(Yep! Totally a personal venture with my dad, ...and totally a surprise to him to have something beyond masking tape and markers for once).

The branding is to feel warm, modern, clean, and still rustic and personable; not sterile or over-processed. We're no Welch's! We touch every berry that goes into this jelly. We watch over it, the pot is stirred with hands holding a spoon. No fancy machines, no crazy chemicals or additives.

Snappy's Gooseberry Jelly - image 1 - student project

A few sketchy updates -- I apologize for the size of the images, updating from my phone...

Snappy's Gooseberry Jelly - image 2 - student project

Snappy's Gooseberry Jelly - image 3 - student project

Save for a few minor tweaks, this will be the design to be polished up:

Snappy's Gooseberry Jelly - image 4 - student project

Alright -- here we have a mostly done version. I'm sure that I will work on it more when I return home to the comfort of my own computer and whatnot, but here it is:

Snappy's Gooseberry Jelly - image 5 - student project

6-12-13 -- a more polished final, with not being too pleased with my last "final" and having more time to revisit it, I'm much happier with this result --

Snappy's Gooseberry Jelly - image 6 - student project

Jamie Knakmuhs

Graphic Designer at the Schwan Food Company