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Snapologie Branding

What do I sell?

     Photobooth services which include a photobooth, with a separate print/social media kiosk,
an attendant, and props

What is the price range of my products / services?


What 3 words best describe me?

     Young, entrepreneurial, creative

What 3 best words describe my business?

     High quality/high value, custom, user-friendly

What 3 words describe my style?

     Stylish, clean, modern

What are my favorite brands and why?

     Apple - product unison, user-friendly, sleek and recognizeable

     Magbooth - our dream website, has all the elements of a photo booth company refined. Fun and professional.  (

Where do I currently sell my products/services?

     Yonkers, NY and surrounding area with plans to expand to Austin, TX (sell online/word of mouth)

Where would I like to sell my products and services in the future?

     Locations in more cities, permanent photo booths in bars or other venues, traveling photo booth van/volkswagon bus for festivals or concerts.

Where do I see my business in....

1 Year

     Profitable and expanding, with improvements across the board in branding, website, and more added services

5 years

     Expanding im more cities

10 years

     Keeping up to date with current trends which could involve a completely different business model or a more niche business

Who is my ideal customer/client?

    Customer experiencing a milestone event, (wedding, birthday) holidays, corporate events, festivals

What is my brand name?



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