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My project is really two.  I have an entrepeneur project as well as a freelance project and I'm equally passionate about each.  I've been a self-employed photographer for nearly 9 years and I hit the wall Seth was talking about recently trying to do too much on my own.  I'm at the point where I really want to start over.  These projects are the culmination of that hope.

First my freelance project:

Having been portrait/wedding photographer for the last 9 years, I decided about a year ago that my true artistic passion was in fine-art photography.  I built a website and landed a gallery showing but really had no business plan and very little time to learn to succeed in this new arena.  I'm helping this class helps me move forward in the photography I'm most passionate about.

My entrepeneur project:


I love photobooths and have several friend that own them.  When considering adding it to my business I saw many needed improvements.  The booths available were cumbersome and produced a very low quality photo.  I'm nearly complete with my 2nd prototype of a photobot that will be the easiest to set-up and use of any I've seen.  It will also be the best studio quality image available.  My difficulty is how to launch this product and to learn how to communicate it's value.  This is my first attempt at making a product transaction like this and I'm sure Seth's wisdom will be helpful.

Here are a few of the stages from inspiration and initial conception to my recent construction...

Any feedback or advise is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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