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Snap Scout: Your free online location scout

    Snap Scout connects owners of unique and class A properties or locations to models, photographers and filmmakers. Snap Scout is a place to create photo's film and art.

How does it work?:

    Property owners create a profile on Snap Scout and up load photo's of their residential, commercial or outdoor property. Property owners list the hourly or daily rate they choose to charge for photo or movie shoots on their property. Photographers, models and film producers create a profile on Snap Scout and browse locations. Once a location is chosen the user books the location and pays the required fee. 

What are the benefits?:

    Snap Scout focuses on two things simplicity and convenience. Snap Scout provides the user with thousands of locations all over the world Snap Scout also provides an additional source of income for property owners. Lastly Snap Scout allows users the opportunity to have their property featured in a photo shoot spread or film. 

How does Snap Scout profit?:

Snap Scout profits by taking a small percentage of each transaction, from both parties. Snap Scout will take a percentage from the property owner and a percentage from the artist.

Simple, Convenient, Creative


Part 1 the art of starting a company


1. Define the Meaning of business:


To help create unique pieces of art and revolutionize the location scouting industry by making it simple and convenient.


2. Ask questions that can define your direction as a business:


People use location scouts to find locations for movies and sometimes photo shoots but location scout companies are restricted by their office locations. Therefore what? Therefore I can create a business that doesn’t have a local office that restricts locations. Therefore what? There fore I will make a website that users from all over the world bring their locations to one platform which allows for all users to see a world wide data base of great locations.  There fore my business model will cut out a massive portion of the existing niche market.


3. Mantra: Not sure which one?


Simplicity, convenience, art

Technology, Beauty, art

Convenient, simple location scouting

Simple, Convenient, Creative




Part 2 The art of launching



M- Mile stones:

         Prove your concept.- We know of many photographers who complain about finding good locations for photo shoots. SS goal is to provide a direct connection to the property owners with good shoot locations.

         Complete design specifications- Currently SS is in phase 1 of website design and will be complete on June 11th. We will conduct consecutive phases of development as we grow.

         Finish a prototype- June 11th

         Raise capital- Currently the company is being funded via boot strapping, the next phase will be raising capital from family and friends once we have a working site. After launch SS will be applying to an accelerator and then angel and VC funding.

         Ship a testable version to customers- June 11th SS will be complete and we will begin beta testing. Approximately 3 months after beta testing we will have a hard launch once users are acquired.

         Ship the final version to customers- September should be our final hard launch date to customers.

         Achieve breakeven-TBD



A-  Assumptions:

Product or service performance metrics

Market size- based on survey’s conducted our maximum potential market is 12% of the photography industry and 30% of the film industry. The total approximate value is 138 million.

Gross margin-

Conversion rate of prospects to customers-

Length of sales cycle-

Return on investment for the customer-

Technical support calls per unit shipped-

Payment cycle for receivables and payables-

Employee compensation requirements-


T- Tasks:


Finishing website and ensuring functionality- Completion of phase 1 June 11th

Filing legal documents-

Hire attorney to write up user agreements-

         Finding key sites to advertise on-

         Setting up accounting and payroll systems-

         Purchasing insurance policies-


T- test your assumptions by getting product in the hands of users



5. Create an emotional story: What makes SS loveable?


Snap Scout was founded to help the world become more of a beautiful place by connecting people to create art.


Snap Scout will donate 2.5% of profits to the wounded warrior foundation or other similar charity.



6. Pre-mortem:


Potential issue: Will there be enough funding to allow snap scout to reach profitability?

Solution: Fund via boot strapping, friends and family and angel investors. Accelerators are also a huge help in lining up funding.


Potential issue: Will SS be able to entice enough property owners with class A properties to list their homes? Our target group are wealthier property owners which in itself says that they already have money why would they need to list their home on our site to make more money?

Solution: Rich people are rich due to their mindset of making money. Meaning they like the opportunity to make more money. In addition to the monetary aspect the possibility of having their home listed in a magazine or movie from photo shoots or movies may be enticing. Everyone likes to show off what they have worked hard for the wealthy are no different.


Potential issue: Where will we find classs A property owners to advertise too?

Solution: We will target all of the interior design websites, the DIY websites the passive income blog sites, again the type of people who have money are always looking into making more.


Potential issue:



Potential issue:



Part 3 the art of fund raising


7. Know what your getting yourself into


Are you a high growth company?- Yes SS is definitely a high growth company because we are tech based, have very little overhead and are able to reach around the world with our service.


Can you grow to a big scale?- Yes we definitely can grow to a big scale, the company has the potential to list locations all over the world.


Is there something disproportionately profitable for the business your in? Yes the profit margins for the company are massive because we are tech based and require very little overhead to operate.


8. Define your wow:


Snap Scout is a disintermediation business model that aims to break the constraints of traditional brick and mortar location scouting companies. Snap Scout accomplishes this by taking out the middleman and connecting the users directly to each other. Snap Scout’s goal is to make location scouting more simple and convenient.


Part 4 the art of pitching


9. Define yourself in 1 minute:


The purpose of Snap Scout is to monetize homes, condos, mansions and commercial properties as locations for film and photography. Snap Scout does this by bringing together property owners, photographers and filmmakers on a user based website. For example I own a condo in downtown Dallas I set up a property owner profile on Snap Scout and list a price of $100 per hour for photo shoots. You, the photographer, set up a profile and run across my property profile and decide to rent it. You reserve my condo for the desired day and time. I receive the notification and agree to the time and day. You then pay me via our online payment system.



Part 5 the art of socializing


Create a social media content frame work-

Since our company is in the film, photography-modeling business there are a ton of things to post about. Below are the top 10 things for us to post about.



Posts about modeling

Posts about next top model

Posts about make up tutorials/ styles

Posts about new shoot locations on SS

Post about new up and coming models. Photographer and filmmakers

Post about sales on cameras, and video cameras

Post about film and photography equipment reviews

Post about photo shop techniques

Post new photo shoots or movies done with SS

Post about SS top 10 locations for photo shoots


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