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Allison Cobb




Snake in Eye ... Dumb Way to Die

This is my poster I'm going to attempt to recreate. This is my first time using Illustrator for anything real and productive, so I wanted to keep it somewhat simple. I'm a big fan of Photoshop and some InDesign, so I'm really, really hoping to add Illustrator to my go-to list of programs. :)

Here's my first attempt at EVER using the pen tool. I got started after the first four videos! VERY excited!!

Okay, so I've watched all the videos in the first section and here's my progress so far! I used the shape tool oval for the eye and catchlight and for the snake's head and eyes. I used the pen tool for the fellow's eyebrows and for the body of the snake. I then used rounded rectangle shapes for the mouth, snake's tail rings and the hotdog and hotdog buns. I modified the points on the rounded rectangles so that there would be slight curves to the shapes. I finished off with a brush stroke of the mustard and brought the front bun to the front, to cover just over the edge of the mustard. All in all, not too bad and I love learning the shortcut keys! I also copied the colors from the original drawing and added a group of swatches so that I could match them to my drawing. Now I just need text and the purple background!


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