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Snake Charming Gorgon

I had a lot of fun with this class!

In the beginning, I had trouble trying to come up with an interesting character. I played with a few shapes and ideas, but when my Mom threw out "MEDUSA!" I knew I wanted to do a curvy gorgon.

I thought perhaps she could be nice, charming - like a motivational speaker...and then I thought hey! Lady with snake hair should tame snakes. Boom!


I struggled with making a truly circular figure for some time. I ended up creating a soft figue with very rounded, curvy edges. I hope it comes through!

A few of my earlier scribbles are missing from the pile - I think they're at home. But what follows are the two sketches I smashed together to create the final outline.



I outlined in Illustrator, and then cleaned up and colored her in Photoshop.


I need to revisit and shade a bit more cleanly, but I was hoping for some feedback. It's my first full body digital illustration, and the pose was a bit challenging for me. Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated - I'd love to color her sometime in the future.

Edit 9/09: I realized I forgot the silhouette! It follows below.


Thank you all, I've enjoyed the class and looking at everyone's projects!


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