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Snake Bite


Nellie Clark, is too high strung.   A girl child shouldn't be playing the same games as the boys.  No good can come of it, you mark my words.  I heard Mrs. (nosy parker) Taylor but, I pretended I didn't and held my head high as I went down to the creek with my fishing pole along with my friends Matt, Billie and Charlie who was the adult with us.  Now that the snake bit me, those words echoed and were the only things that came to mind when they found me. All of 8 years old and thought I could conquer the world but now all I really wanted was for everybody to leave me alone and let me  just die.



For my screenplay, I have selected the Poem; Nellie Clark from Spoon River Anthology. I chose this poem because I have always   been interested to know what comes over a child to want to hurt another child to the point of destruction.  Nellie is an eight year old girl who is raped by a 15 year old boy.  The town treats her as damaged good and shuns her for any hope of a future.  When she is a little older, (still a child in my opinion) she is married off to a stranger who does not know her past tragedy but later finds out and leaves.  She eventually dies, I believe of a broken heart.




Maggie was busy in the kitchen getting breakfast ready.  The house smelled wonderful, cinnamon and bacon permeated the air.  She was making my favorite crispy bacon, a stack of pancakes, fresh blueberry syrup, eggs sunny side up, fresh squeezed orange juice and large cup of coffee.

I was a real lucky man and I knew it.  I never knew understood why she love me and I don’t think I ever will.  I’m not handsome, I’m not rich and my dick…well….maybe that’s the reason.  I was an anomaly, a skinny white boy with a big dick.  Yeah, that must be it but she always goes above and beyond for me so there must be more for her.  Someday I’ll work up the courage to ask her why me?  For now I’m going to try to steal a little piece.

Love that ass.  She had the greatest ass in the world…the perfect half-moon, that’s what attracted me to her in the first place. I walked into the kitchen and just stood there watching her.   We were married for 10 years and I was still in awe of her beauty and that ass.  She was dark, a body to die for and had the smoothest skin, like butter.  Her eyes didn’t match the rest of her, they were blue and I kept thinking, how did a black woman, with such dark skin end up with those beautiful deep blue eyes.  First time I met her I thought they were contacts. 

I tiptoed up behind her and grabbed her around the waist, while kissing her neck and grinding my hips into her ass.


Morning gorgeous, how about giving daddy some of this good hot chocolate.

Maggie smiled to herself and pretended to protest.  She didn’t know why she loved this skinny white boy, it sure wasn’t the size of his dick; she just knew she loved him all the other shit really didn’t matter.  He made here happy.


Boy you better cut that shit out before you’re late again.  You know how your manager loves you and furthermore you got to get the little princess up. 


Come on baby just a little piece…please…I’ll do that thing you like


Alright baby, I’ll let you slide this time

Maggie started grinding her hips now.  Matt, was excited to the point of no return.  He was just getting ready to open his zipper when he heard a small voice from behind.


Daddy why are you hurting mama?

Matthew just chuckled, spun around and scooped her up.


Now baby, do you really think daddy would do anything to hurt either you or mommy?


No, but daddeee, you keep pushing her, and she sound like when I kicked Charlie.

Matthew chuckled ever deeper and started walking towards the bathroom with Nellie in tow.


Alright munchkin we have got to take a bath, brush your teeth, comb your hair and get dressed before mommy start growling like a bear…roar…Nellie giggled…


Okay, but can I put on my favoritess dress?

Matthew smiled, he knew how determined she could be; sometimes to the point of being obstinate.  He decided to play along.


You have a favorite, NOT favoritess dress.

She put her hand akimbo as he pulled her nightgown over her beautiful head of dark curls.


Daddy!  She said sternly, you know my F A V O R I T E (pronouncing every syllable) dress, the white one with the purple  bows that grandma gave me for my birthday.  I look so beautiful it in it, that’s what grandma says.


Your grandma is crazy, you know that don’t you?


They looked at each other and busted out laughing while the water was running for her bath.



Daddy member the bubbles, Mama says it’s not a bath without the bubbles.

Just then Maggie appeared at the door and stood by watching and admiring her husband’s parenting skills.  They didn’t see her and she beamed with pride,




Maggie was striking figure of a woman.  There was no other adjective that could do her justice.  She was tall, dark and different.  Her skin was dark and smooth as the finest Swiss chocolate.  The different part was here eye, oh those eyes…they were as blue as the Caribbean Sea.  You don’t see that, not in this small college town anyway and I imagine not anywhere too often.  She was a rare bird for sure.

She hated her eyes and she was used to people staring at her, usually she ignored them but, this time it was different.  He was different.  He was a handsome figure of a man; handsome to the point of distraction and that body, God you’re not fair sometime. 

She felt him staring and each time she would look at him he would avert her gaze.  In her mind she was praying that wouldn’t get their table.  He made her nervous.  He made her think about thing that she didn’t have time for.  He made things stir in her that she thought was dead.


{Ms. Taylor}

Maggie, be a dear and get that party of four please, the other girls need a break


Oh come on Ms. Taylor, Julie is due back any second now and I up for my break.

{Ms. Taylor}

Well, she isn’t back and you can go to break after you take that party of four.  Make like Nike and just do it….ha, ha, ha, ha.ha.  that was a good one.

She always tried to be hip and up with the kid but it always sounded bad on her part.  She tried too hard and the kids all made fun of her behind her back.  Maggie knew that there was no sense in trying to protest.  This was an everyday occurrence.  She was pissed not because she was asked to serve them but because she knew they would try to steal the tips again.  She just took a deep breath, stretched over the counter grabbed four menus, a pitcher of water and four glasses with ice. 

As she approached them, she could hear one of the blond robots say,


“Why don’t those niggers ever buy the correct shit for their skin tone…blond hair now we have this black bitch with blue contacts”. 

Maggie was used to hearing all kind of things said about her eyes and she ignored most of them but this wench was cruising and man I mean bad.  She made sure she said it loud enough so the whole restaurant could hear.  It made people stare even the more at her.

The other guy that was with them yelled…

Jesus, she standing right there Riley.  I swear you are incorrigible.


Well, who gives a fuck, she can’t beat my ass.

As I walked the to their table I made sure I whispered in her ear that “Yes, I could beat her ass” before she could utter another word I walked away.  At the time I wasn’t sure if Matt heard me or not but there was a sly smile on his face.   I really didn’t care if he did or not.


May I take your orders for drinks while you look at the menu?



I‘ll take an ice tea if I can look into those beautiful eyes all night.




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